Learn the turn-key system to transform your coaching business in the Post COVID-19 World.
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Free Coaches Only Training Workshop That Gives You ACTIONABLE Guidance

An online group coaching program is a great way to expand your reach and help more people while you raise awareness about your business and generate more revenue. 
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Establish Your Why

Define your purpose so that you can determine the best structure for your sessions, produce content deliver desired results for your clients.

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Define Your Audience

Identify your ideal group member and determine exactly what you need to teach them.

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Outline Your Content

Start with the outcome you want your clients to take away from your group coaching program.

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Choose Your Delivery

Choose a delivery method that will be the most effective and engaging for your members.

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Test Run a Group Session

Helps you practice your group coaching skills and work out any technical issues before you start the actual coaching sessions with paying clients

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Achieve the desired results for more clients, more money and more free time. 

If you are a professional coach ,this three part workshop series not only help you to survive this pandemic but also provide you with a plan to achieve the desired results for more clients, more money and more free time.

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Rahila Naz  

Campus Manager 

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Hosted by Terry H. Hill

Terry is truly a “been there done that” training instructor.  As a business owner, consultant, courseware developer, mentor, and trainer, he has been a leader in small business development and consulting/training for three plus decades.  Terry has authored numerous articles, training classes, videos, and a couple of books for aspiring and early-growth entrepreneurs, business owners, executives, and professional service providers.  His high energy delivery makes your learning experience enjoyable.  

His simple description of highly complex subjects allows learners to quickly and accurately understand even the most difficult information.  His training classes and workshops are set apart from the industry by being able to take hands-on practical information and deliver it in an effective way that enables his learners to implement the strategies and techniques immediately.

All this is yours, right now, for free! It's time to take action now and transform
your coaching business for the post COVID-19 world.

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