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The Workshop Series is taking place on:

  • The Opportunity NOW Monday, June 14 at 09:00 AM USA Eastern time.
  • The Opportunity PLAN Tuesday, June 15 at 09:00 AM USA Eastern Time.
  • The Opportunity PLAN Wednesday, June 16 at 09:00 AM USA Eastern Time.
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Tips for getting the most out of
The Opportunity Virtual Workshops...

Distractions are one of the biggest productivity killers and we are surrounded by them.  Often, we are so used to being interrupted by them that we no longer notice them.  

Take some time to become aware of the distractions around you that include:

     *  Phone calls

     *  People stopping by your house and office

     *  Smartphone alerts
     *  Email Notifications

     *  Workplace Clutter

     *  Social Media

     *  Brain Clutter

     *  Pain

When you are watching a virtual event alone, it is easy to “multi-task” and get distracted.  Instead, try to reduce notifications, grab a notepad, and get ready to start learning!  

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