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Constant change is the new normal, and we are confident we can help you through Group Coaching Program to get a handle on things so that you not only survive, but thrive in your coaching business.  

Well charted Digital Transformation Strategy for your coaching business

Learn how to achieve this necessary revitalization and transformation of your coaching business... even if the deck is stacked against YOU!

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We’ve all been there!

In the RUT... particularly now with COVID-19.

Your business is going "OK", but not great.  You treat your clients well and they love you, but your client base is growing slower than a snail across a wet sidewalk.

You researched the Internet looking for answers as to how you can attract new clients and grow your coaching business in this COVID-19 world!  

Your research make sense on paper, but applying those tactics to your business is another matter--- not easy to create a business transformation strategy, and implement all by yourself!

You feel overwhelmed with ideas about what you should and shouldn’t be doing to grow your business online and all the tech stuff just makes your head spin.

And, then, there is the small matter of actually running your business!  So, you do nothing.

Being "stuck" is downright frustrating and demoralizing!  I get it.  So, let’s get you "unstuck".

The best strategy isn’t about making more work for you to do, it’s about providing you with tactics and techniques that maximize returns on your efforts.

How to Create Your High Impact Group Coaching Program

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If the pace of the pre-coronavirus world were considered fast, then the pace of today's world is considered ultra fast.  The luxury of time now seems to have disappeared completely.  Businesses that once mapped their strategy in one-to-three year phases must now scale their initiatives in a matter of days or weeks or even months.

The Mentor the Coach - High Impact Group Coaching Program is a 90-day coaching business plan that Revitalizes, Transforms, and Flourishes  a coaching business enterprise.

As CEO of your coaching business, you choose what you want to change.  But first, you have to make the decision to CHANGE AT ALL.

  • Change means you ask yourself tough questions during tough times...
  • Change means you are honest with yourself and with your team...
  • Change means you consciously decide to get better—even if it's hard...
  • Change means you reach out beyond yourself and your organization for help and assistance.

                                                         So let’s get you unstuck!
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 Reasons Why The Digital Transformation Of Your Coaching Business Is A Must


With the COVID-19 pandemic, we are going to see a level of bankruptcy activity that nobody in business has seen in their lifetime.


Launching an online coaching business allows you to target and reach a global audience.

Launching an online coaching business allows you to target and reach a global audience.


Shifting your coaching business online will make your services accessible from anywhere, anytime.


Running an online coaching business reduces administrative and operational costs


Lower costs combined with increased revenues yields greater profitability.

Your Mentor...  Terry H. Hill

Terry is truly a “been there done that” training instructor.  As a business owner, consultant, courseware developer, mentor, and trainer, he has been a leader in small business development and consulting/training for three plus decades.  Terry has authored numerous articles, training classes, videos, and a couple of books for aspiring and early-growth entrepreneurs, business owners, executives, and professional service providers.  His high energy delivery makes your learning experience enjoyable.  

His simple description of highly complex subjects allows learners to quickly and accurately understand even the most difficult information.  His training classes and workshops are set apart from the industry by being able to take hands-on practical information and deliver it in an effective way that enables his learners to implement the strategies and techniques immediately.

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What Theyre Saying

Richie Norton


Someone who has done it before

If things didn’t work out last year doing them a certain way, you should hire someone who has done it before to teach you how to do it this year.

Bob Nelson

Business Coach 

Building a fire within

You get the best effort from others not by lighting a fire beneath them, but by building a fire within."

Cinnie Noble

Certified Coach

Coaching helps people stretch themselves

Coaching helps people stretch themselves in different ways to reach objectives that enhance and give new direction and meaning to their personal and professional lives

The All-Inclusive 

High-Impact Group Coaching Program

RevitalizeTransform, and Flourish as a coaching business enterprise


Pre-Training Cover Image
Program Group-Foundation diamond image-green-gold image


How to Improve Your Focus in Self-Paced Learning

How to Effectively Eliminate Distractions

How to Boost Your Productivity to New Heights

Personal Productivity Assessment

The Tomato Challenge - My Secret Training Sauce

Getting Started Cover Image
Program Group-Foundation diamond image-green-gold image

Getting Started

Program Introduction

Tour the Learning Portal

Tips for Success in Online Self-Study Learning

Work from Home Productivity

Module One Cover Image
Program Group-Foundation diamond image-green-gold image

Training Module 1:  The Opportunity...  Personal and Professional


1.  How to Program Yourself for Greatness

2.  How to Make Your Entrepreneurial Goals a Success

3.  How to Fine-Tune Your Leadership Skills


1.  How to Discover and Capitalize on the Best Opportunities

2.  Why Group Coaching

3.  Smart Decision-Making

Module Two Cover Image
Program Group-Revitalize diamond image-green-gold Image

Training Module 2 : Reprogramming Your Mind for Online Coaching Success

1. Lesson one: Reprogram yourself for success by adopting key mindsets

2. Lesson two: Assume that
You can change

3. Lesson three: How goals reveal your objectives and empower you to achieve them

4. Lesson four: Decide after enough deliberation and stick to it

5. Lesson five: Successful people relish calculated risks

6. Lesson six part 1: Mind mapping secrets, five essential characteristics of mind mapping

7. Lesson six part 2: How to create a mind map? Mind mapping techniques

8. Lesson six part 3: Memory enhancing, strategic thinking

9. Lesson six part 4: Presentations, problem solving, mind maps for studying, taking notes

10. Lesson six part 5: Creating an outline, maximize productivity, mind map as a vision board

11. Lesson six part 6: Best mind mapping softwares

Mode three Cover Image
Program Group-Revitalize diamond image-green-gold Image

Training Module 3:  Applying Proven Group Coaching Skills

1. Lesson One:  Trust and Safe Environment

2. Lesson Two: How to Deal with Challenging Behaviors

3. Lesson Three:  Create a Culture of Accountability in Your Coaching Groups

4. Coaching Your Clients to a Decision

5. Tap into the Power of the Entire Group

6. Coaching Clients through a Major Setback

7. Maximize Live Group Coaching Sessions

8.  Take Charge!  20 Ways to Develop Outstanding Leadership Skills

Module Four

Training Module 4:  Designing Your Results-Driven Group Coaching Program

1. Lesson One: Identify Your Target Audience for Your Program and Their Main Challenges

2. Lesson Two: Pick a Theme That Tackles a Key Challenge, Identify Outcome, Benefits & Topics

3. Lesson Three: Design a Structure for Your Group Coaching Program That Gets the Best Results

4. Lesson Four: Choose the Best Delivery Method for Your Target Market

5. Lesson Five Part 1: Packaging & Pricing Your Services, How Offering Packages Will Increase Your Sales

6. Lesson Five Part 2: Identify Your Clients’ Needs.

6. Lesson Five Part 3: Upgrade Your Business Model With Packages.

7. Lesson Five Part 4: Price Your Package

8. Lesson Five Part 5: Your Packages and Your Sales Process, Outline Your Package Creation Plan

9. Lesson Five Part 6: Detail Your Packages, Name Your Packages

10. Lesson Five Part 7: Create Your Package Marketing Plan

11. Lesson Five Part 8: Outline Your Marketing Plan and Timeline, Review & Refine

Module Five Cover Image

Training Module 5:  Setting Up Your Group Coaching Website

1. Lesson One: How To Improve Your Online Presence For Your Coaching Business

2. Lesson Two (Part 2): 16 Ways to Reverse-engineer Your Competitors' Organic SEO Strategy

3. Lesson Three (Part 1): the Abc’s of Coaching Technologies

4. Lesson Three (Part 2): the Abc’s of Coaching Technologies

5. Lesson Three (Part 3): the Abc’s of Coaching Technologies

6. Lesson Three (Part 4): the Abc’s of Coaching Technologies

7. Creating Your Coaching Website

Module Six Cover Image

Training Module 6:  Launching and Marketing Your Group Coaching Program

1. Lesson One: Get Your Program in Front of the Right People and Increase Sales With an Effective Marketing Plan

2. Lesson Two: Build Your High-converting Course Sales Page

3. Lesson Three: Use Proven Tactics to Increase Sales

4. Lesson Four: Fill Your Course Funnel With Enticing Content

5. Lesson Five: Write Your Launch Emails

6. Lesson Six: Enlist Partners and Affiliates to Promote Your Course

Module Seven Cover Image
Program Group-Transform diamond image-green-gold Image

Training Module 7:  Marketing Activities Your Group Coaching Program - Part 1

1. Lesson One Part 1: How to Design a High-converting, Automated Online Sales Funnel

2. Lesson One Part 2: Ideas for Your Sales Funnel

3. Lesson One Part 3: The Entrance to Your Sales Funnel: The Opt-in Page

4. Lesson One Part 4: What Products Should You Promote in Your Follow-ups?

5. Lesson Two Part 1: the Psychology of Marketing

6. Lesson Two Part 2: Why Psychology Is Important for Marketers to Understand, the Customer’s Decision-making Process

7. Lesson Two Part 3: Key Principles of Psychology for Marketing, How to Select the Right Tactics for Your Market

8. Lesson Three: Search Engine Optimization

9. Lesson Four: Pay-per-click Marketing

10. Lesson Five: Content Marketing

Module Eight Cover Image
Program Group-Transform diamond image-green-gold Image

Training Module 8:  Marketing Activities Your Group Coaching Program - Part 2

1. Lesson One: Email Marketing.

2. Lesson Two: Social Media Marketing

3. Lesson Three: Cold Call Email Marketing

4. Lesson Four Part 1: How to Unleash the Power of Facebook Groups, Introduction

5. Lesson Four Part 2: More Uses for a Facebook Group

6. Lesson Four Part 3: Creating Your Facebook Group, Step by Step

7. Lesson Five Part 4: Facebook Groups Advanced Features, Tools, and Settings

8. Lesson Four Part 5: How to Combine a Facebook Page and Group, What to Post, and How to Engage

9. Lesson 4 Part 6: How to Manage Your Facebook Group and Maintain Regular Content

Module Nine Cover Image
Program Group-Flourish diamond image-green-gold Image

Training Module 9:  Teaching and Facilitating Your Group Coaching Program 

1. Lesson One: Establish an Online Teaching Mindset for Success

2. Lesson Two: Know Your Audience’s Needs and Goals

3. Lesson Three: Record Online Course Videos

4. Lesson Four: Teach Live Online Course Sessions

5. Lesson Five: Encourage Engagement
And Accountability, Gather Feedback

6. Lesson Six: Conclusion & Next Steps

Module Ten Cover Image
Program Group-Flourish diamond image-green-gold Image

Training Module 10:  Evaluating the Results from Your Group Coaching Program 

1. Lesson One:  Feedback and Reporting

2.  Lesson Two: the Four Levels of Evaluating Training Programs

Module Eleven Cover Image
Program Group-Enhance diamond image-green-gold Image

Training Module 11:  Honing Your Decision-Making & Problem-Solving Skills 

1. Lesson One: The Fatal Mistakes Most CEOs & Leaders Make When Making Important Decisions (and How to Help Them Avoid It)

2. Lesson Two: The Simplest Yet Most Brilliant Strategy to Solve Really Big Problems in Business

3. Lesson Three: A Fresh Perspective on How We Think About Problems to Unleash Creative Problem Solving and Innovation

4. Lesson Four: How to Balance Intuition and Logic

5. Lesson Five: The Best Way to Make Decisions Without Feeling Overwhelmed or Second-guessing Your Choice

Module Twelve Cover Iamge
Program Group-Enhance diamond image-green-gold Image

Training Module 12:  Handling the Pressures and Stress of Online Group Coaching  

1. Lesson One: Top 10 Causes of Stress and How to Beat Them

2. Lesson Two: From the Sports Arena to the Business Arena: How to Handle Pressure and Stress

3. Lesson Three: Injecting a Fresh Perspective on How We View High-pressure, High-stress Situations or Environments

4. Lesson Four: Calm Yourself With Visualization

5. Lesson Five: Using Music to Beat the Stress

Module Thirteen Cover Image
Program Group-Enhance diamond image-green-gold Image

Training Module 13: Enhancing Your Emotional and Body Intelligence

1. Lesson One: Understanding the Important Distinction Between Emotions and Feelings

2. Lesson Two: Emotional Intelligence Can Be Developed; 5 Key Components of Emotional Intelligence

3. Lesson Three: 7 Ways to Gauge Emotional Intelligence Through Body Language

4. Lesson Four: A Guide to Self-attunement and Learning How to Coach Your Clients to Become Somatically Aware So They Can Tune Into Their Own Body Intelligence.

5. Lesson Five: 20 Benefits of Learning Emotional Intelligence

6. Lesson Six: Some Top Tips for Raising Emotional Intelligence

Moving Forward Unit Cover Image
Program Group-Enhance diamond image-green-gold Image

Moving Forward with Your Online Group Coaching Training & Development

Successful Online Coaching Practices

Tips to Take Things Forward in Your Coaching Business


This self-paced training program format fosters and enhances the very skills set that are necessary for success in a entrepreneurial environment – independence, inquiry, critical thinking, and the capacity to set one’s own pace! Screenshot Image


Each Training Module has supplemental support material

Collage-How to Guidebooks
Collage-Interactive Workbooks


The Perfect Complement to a Robust Training Program


open book-How to Boost
How to Boost Your Productivity to New Heights


Collage of Business Strategy Guides
Set of Marketing Strategy Guides


Collage of Facilitator Guides-transparent background
Set of Facilitator Guides


Module Thirteen Cover Image
Complete Training Module

The Benefits Are Many

Flexibility – The Course content should have a fluid, easy-to-navigate system that enables seamless movement from one learning target to the next, allowing the you to create your own learning pathway.

 Availability – This self-paced training program and its content is available anytime, anywhere, and on any device, from desktop to smartphone.

Relevance – The Program content is relevant to the need to transform your coaching business in wake of COVID-19 pandemic.

Usability – The Course content is easy to find, easy to navigate, not too long and sufficiently challenging without being frustratingly difficult.

Engagement – The course design incorporates a variety of interactive techniques (simulations, videos, audio, text, quizzes etc.) to maximize engagement.

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100% Satisfaction-Guarantee

If, for any reason, you don't like this amazing coaching program, you can get a full refund anytime within 14 days after your purchase.  This time period give you a chance to get a feel for our content and the method of our teaching.  

If it turns out that it does not suit your needs or time frame, just get in touch with **before those 14 days are up** and we will get your refund underway with no hard feelings.

Those 14 days starts from the date of your order.  Once those 14 days have passed, we lock accounts and no additional account changes will be made.  No exceptions.

Terry H. Hill  

Proven Mentor who “talks the talk” & “walks the walk.”

the disposition and desire to develop other people... the willingness to reflect on and share to experiences, including failures... the real skills of active listening, asking powerful, open-ended questions, self-reflection, providing feedback and being able to share stories that include personal anecdotes, case examples, and honest insight.

Aymee Coget, Phd

Aymee Coget, PhD


Made a significant difference in my business

Terry gave me some wonderful innovative ideas that made a significant difference in my business. I recommend Terry's expertise as a business mentor :)

Michelle Charles

Michelle Charles

Business Executive

An expert in his field

I have had the good fortune of communicating and working with Terry and find him very much an expert in his field. The many articles written by him are well informed, useful and provide much guidance for entrepreneurs

Butch Armstrong

Butch Armstrong

Business Owner

Great mentoring and sound business advice

Terry gave me some great mentoring and sound business advice.  His patience and detail were greatly appreciated. Thanks, Terry

Here's What You Will Get When You Sign-Up

No matter how you measure the quality of a course, The Mentor the Coach Online Group Coaching Program is in a league of its own.  The ideas are experienced-based and well researched.  The lessons are
practical.  And the format is simple and easy to follow.  We’re confident this is the most
comprehensive program of its kind on the market.

Just take a look at the money that went into creating this training program!    

52 high-resolution audio and 138 high-definition video lessons within 16 sharply focused training units.   All lessons are self-paced.  Mentor the Coach puts everything together in one, easy-to-understand program.


100 plus interactive strategically placed mini-quizzes help to measure retention in real time and identify gaps in knowledge.


30 plus downloadable assessments, guidebooks, special reports, and worksheets to help you put what you learned into action.


4 exclusive bonuses -- eBook, set of marketing strategy guides, set of facilitator guides, and a complete training module.


Unlimited access to the program for 12 months.  Watch any time and on any device.  You can watch the course from your mobile device, computer, or tablet, and you’re free to learn at your own pace. Your progress is automatically marked as you take the course. Revisit lessons whenever you want.


Private Facebook Group for program alumni provides a perfect platform to engage with fellow coaches and alumni who post insightful content and creative conversation starters.


100% satisfaction guarantee.  If, for any reason, you don't like this amazing coaching program, you can get a full refund anytime within 14 days after your purchase. 



Why Enroll

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Share tried-and-true formula

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Answers to the nagging questions

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Transfer of valuable knowledge

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Receive ultimate strategy

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Prompt digital engagement

Frequently Asked Questions Image

As mentioned, the Online Group Coaching Program is divided into 12 learning modules!

Once you purchase access to the Program, you can expect an email within five minutes of your purchase.  We will send the message to the email address you used to sign up for the Program inside our checkout page.  The email will contain credentials to log into our learning platform to access the Online Group Coaching Program.

In the Program, we provide you access to the first learning module which is Get Started.

The Program Modules are sequentially delivered to you, with one new Module being released every 7 days from the day of your purchase.  This continuous feed of content ensures that you have ample time to not just watch the lessons in the Program, but also to implement the newly learned strategy and witness the results of your actions.  After all, there wouldn't be much point if we gave you a proven system broken down into Program Modules just for you to watch and not implement what you have learned!

Well, this Program doesn’t require any time-wasting or annoying homework.  The time-efficient training module is designed to help you think and act strategically, improve your skills as a learner so you can absorb and retain what you watch and hear, and become a better implementer along the way.

Even if you’re thinking “well, IS this training program the right time?  I’m already SO overwhelmed…” the answer is YES.  YOU NEED THIS TRAINING AND GUIDANCE to survive and thrive in your coaching business and beyond.

This is NOT a live presentation. It's an online video program you can take at your own pace. The self-paced Program comes with one year of access so the strategies, tactics, and scripts in this Program will always be available anytime, anywhere to you, ready whenever you need them.

Great question!

It is the practice of Mentor the and The Seaplace Group, LLC to never leave the course portal information up indefinitely… we do not want to have outdated information floating around on the net.

So, it is a balancing act – making Mentor the and The Seaplace Group, LLC courses better and keeping up with the Internet changes while still supporting older versions long enough for you to access and save the information.

So that is why we have made all of the module information downloadable.

You will have access to your version of the program for at least one year. We strongly recommend you download it as the download versions become available to make sure you get everything that is of benefit to you.

And… that way you have it to refer to down the road. What might not be applicable now, might be just the piece later on.

The information is only available for download exactly as it appears on the site.

(More important legal stuff… Remember that any downloads from the course are still protected by Terry H. Hill, Mentor the, and The Seaplace Group, LLC trademarks and copyrights and as such are protected by law. The information is for your personal business use only.)

We offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

 If, for any reason, you don't like this amazing coaching program, you can get a full refund anytime within 14 days after your purchase.  This time period give you a chance to get a feel for our content and the method of our teaching.  

If it turns out that it does not suit your needs or time frame, just get in touch with **before those 14 days are up** and we will get your refund underway with no hard feelings.

Those 14 days starts from the date of your order.  Once those 14 days have passed, we lock accounts and no additional account changes will be made.  No exceptions.

You will be charged on the same day each month if you paid via PayPal and every 30 days if you paid via credit card.

You can check on all payment information on your “My Account” page in the top navigation bar. Simply click on “Payments” to see the date your payments are processed.

Goodness No!
 All Program licenses are for one participant only.  This will be strictly enforced, and IP addresses will be monitored.

All information provided by Terry H. Hill, Mentor the – The Seaplace Group, LLC is copyrighted and cannot be shared, reproduced, or sold without written permission.

The quickest way to reach is us to send an email to:  As a rule, our team tries to reply to all questions within a business day or sooner.

We know it seems like phone might be quicker, but here is why we prefer email…

  • We can thoroughly research your issue and get back to you with a more complete answer… AND you can refer to it again if you need to.
  • It helps our customer service team figure out “Frequently Asked Questions” and ultimately helps us improve MENTOR THE COACH as we see certain patterns happening.
  • We have team members monitoring the help desk and can respond more quickly than we can via phone.
  • And the best part? No phone tag!

However, there is still an option for you if you prefer speaking on the phone. Just call (941) 806-5610 and leave a message with your name, contact number, email address, and question.

Terry and his Team of Courseware Developers take the risk out of your custom courseware purchase, curriculum development project or training delivery!   We create, develop, and publish business informational and instructional content for web-based and live instructor-led, classroom training.

Our unique end-to-end customized content development process is designed to provide your organization with the most comprehensive instructional material for your company’s specific training and development needs.  Please contact us for details or by telephone at 941-806-5610.

You agree that our company and its representatives are not responsible for the success or failure of your business decisions as a result of information presented. Use of the techniques and strategies are at your own risk.

Additionally, any and all comments, website links or email addresses you enter as a comment to this portal, can be seen by all participants in the course. Although password protected, the integrity and security of this website or your comments cannot be guaranteed on the Internet.  This website is covered by all applicable copyright laws stated and not stated.

If you did not find answers to your questions here, please don't hesitate to contact us directly.

Get the Road Map You Need to Revitalize & Transform Your Coaching Business in a Post COVID-19 World!


A Personal Note

I’ve felt disappointment more times than I can count over the years.  And I know the same is true for every business owner/coach out there!  

Which is good news for YOU:  Just because you don’t hit a goal does NOT mean that you’re not going to hit it in the future or that you are not cut out for the coaching profession.  

It just means you need to learn to view disappointment from a different perspective, which is a skill that every successful entrepreneur-coach has mastered.

There's no need to suffer any longer from the FEAR OF DISAPPOINTMENT... come join me for this coaches only business revitalization and transformation training! 

See you on the inside,

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